Mission Of Hero

To complete this operation, you are secretly inserteded on a cargo ship full of terrorists. However, the mission is not going according to plan and your cover is blown. Now your mission is simply to survive! Use all your skills for this purpose, like the ability to move cloaked and the ability to handle all kinds of weapons! Find out what awaits you at the end of the journey.

- Beautiful, realistic graphics.
- Many types of weapons.
- Storyline and various levels.
- Pleasant sound effects and music.

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enable key bindings to be changed, include instru'

The abilty to change kley bindings would be really useful. I'm left handed and use my left hand for mouse control. so my natural movement keys would be the arrow keys. I find it uncomfortable using the #WASD keys. It would also be a...
Stephen Brown, 07.12.2018, 20:24